CPU-Z 1.72.1 (May 29th, 2015)

CPU-Z 1.72.1 has been released to provide the support of the two latest Intel generations : Broadwell, and Skylake. That support includes processor naming, memory information (incl. timings), and SPD report for systems based on DDR4 memory.

공식 웹사이트:
- http://www.cpuid.com/

- Intel Skylake and Broadwell support.
- Preliminary support for Intel Skylake.
- Fixed support for Windows 10 build 9926.

- 일반 (무설치): cpu-z_1.72.1-en.zip 
- GIGABYTE G1: cpu-z_1.72.1-g1-en.zip 
- GIGABYTE OC: cpu-z_1.72.1-oc-en.exe 
- ASUS ROG: cpu-z_1.72.1-rog-en.exe

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