Prime95 v28.10 (x64)

메르센 소수(Mersenne Prime)를 찾기 위한 연산 혹은 시스템 안정화 확인(Torture Test)에 사용되는 Prime95입니다.


■ Prime95 v28.10


Prime95 버전 28.10은 인텔의 새로운 AVX2 명령어 세트에 최적화되어 하스웰(Haswell) 및 이후에 출시된 신형 CPU에서 큰 성능 향상을 볼 수 있습니다.


■ 변경사항

1. Crash is possible when multithreading TF. Fixed in 28.10.
2. Results are not saved when a SIGHUP signal is received. Fixed in 28.10.
3. If a termination signal is received while mprime is awaiting user input from the menus or dialogs, then mprime does not terminate. Fixed in 28.10.
4. There is an intermittent bug in calculating how long an LL test takes to complete. This can trigger unwanted unreserving of exponents. This bug IS NOT fixed. There is a new undoc.txt option, UnreserveExponents, which will protect 99.9% of users from this bug. This new option is implemented in 28.10.
5. SSE2 torture test generated random errors and crashes. Fixed in 28.10.
6. Multithreaded PRP tests can produce incorrect results. The number being tested must generate carries into more than 4 FFT words - this happens for larger k,b,c combinations testing k*b^n+c. It also only happens for FFTs with a quantity that I call "cache line multiplier" (clm) is one. There is no way to tell if clm is one other than by looking at the mult.asm source code. Fixed in gwnum 28.12 and prime95 29.1 build 10.



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